Friday, July 1, 2011

Ottignies, Belgium - by Michelle

The first 10-days of our visit we stayed at Le Manoir de Morimont Bed and Breakfast in Ottignies (just 5 minutes from Brent's office). Our inn-keeper, Gert, was gracious and kind and so sweet with the kids. He made them hot chocolate every morning for breakfast, and provided many typical Belgian chocolate treats for breakfast. They were in heaven with chocolate sprinkles on their toast, chocolate cereal and chocolate wafers to melt inside a hot croissant (mmmm). The B&B was up a tiny lane nestled in a forest with paths for running and walking. Brent had running trails to explore in the mornings, the kids and I had cool shady paths to explore in the afternoons. Best of all there was a river that ran right through the yard (or garden as the locals would call it). The kids made a lean-to fort in the river and had fun playing with the sweet dog, Ferrah. We are sad to say goodbye to the beautiful Le Manoir de Morimont, but it will be very nice to have our own kitchen again as well as a washer and dryer in the apartment where we'll be for the rest of our stay!

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Angela said...

I am jealous of all the yummy chocolate! When we were in Argentina, their chocolate tasted a bit like it was made with powdered milk. Not my favorite but it grew on me.