Sunday, July 10, 2011

Amsterdam - By Ethan

The biking was really fun we saw these trees that were dangling down into the water but one of them wasn't and we couldn't climb on that one because there was a party by it.

I didn't get to get my own bike. I had to go on a seat behind Dad. The seat on the bike looked really small but I actually could fit in it really well. When we were walking trying to find the place where we get our bikes I saw these two people a mom and a sister but the sister wasn't on the back, she was sitting in this thing where you carry stuff you need like a book or coat or anything like that. It was really cool and I was thinking about riding like that, but instead I got a seat.

We saw a giant chess and a normal chess. There was fake board painted out on the ground. There were still the same colors (black and white).

I couldn't really find anything to get for Amsterdam [souvenir] but then I remembered I really wanted this hat that matched my coat for winter. And I'll wear it all the time when we stay where our apartment is (I'm wearing it right now).

The boat tour on the water was fun. When were were in Brugge we were on a little boat tour and the boat was small. At Amsterdam the boat tours are big instead of small.

We went to this watch like store (we have the movie of it [The Hiding Place, Corrie Ten Boom's House]), they had this button that makes this noise and it means to go into this hideout. The hide out was really small and damp and cold and wet. Me and Isaac got to go in it. There was this little way where everyone went in it to hide. People had to hide in there because there were people coming trying to kidnap them or kill them because there was a war. There was this part where they take them away and they say, "work is freedom".

I liked Amsterdam. My best part was going to the park where there was a big swing and Isaac pushed me.

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