Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sisters Trip in Arizona

Two weekends ago I had a fab getaway to Phoenix with my sisters and mom. I feel a bit like a kid saying "NE NER NE NER NE NER" when I talk about having four sisters. It really is the best ever. All my sisters are truly amazing women who I just love to be with. I really do feel guilty that Morgan doesn't have a sister--a thought that sometimes makes me consider having one more child (but then I realize the chances are greater of me having another boy, so I should sit tight and enjoy what I've got knowing she and I can have a great bond instead :-).

Thanks to the twelve children and four husbands who didn't complain too much about being left to vend for themselves while thier mothers/wives enjoyed themselves lounging in Bekah's pool, shopping, and eating great grub.

I'm too lazy to recreate the wheel here, so check out my sister's blogs to see pictures and get the scoop on the trip...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's Hard Work to Get a Bike

After his first morning wearing undies Ethan sighed then said to me in a tired and weary voice, "Mom, it's really hard work to get a bike". (He gets a bike as soon as his potty chart is full of stickers).