Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Visit from Friends

Our friends Carson and Amber Dickson came to visit last week. We've known them since early in our California days. In fact Brent and Carson worked together at Ernst and Young and Amber and I were job share partners at Palm. They did a 2-yr grad school stint in Hyde Park just after we finished and moved to the burbs. In fact they lived in the apartment right across the hall from the apartment we lived in while there (we wished that timing would have coordinated better and we would have been there at the same time). They've since moved out to the East coast so it was fun to have them in town for a visit. We had fun with all the boys in Chicago (Morgan was at gymnastics camp).

My Builder

One of the most used toys in our house is the Jenga game. We've played it as intended a few times, but more often it's used for building. Last week we were wandering in Chicago and stumbled upon the Target family tent in Millennium Park with many fun stations including a Jenga block-like building corral. Isaac was happy to show off his building skills to an audience of onlookers. As his tower's height increased, so did the interest of onlookers. Finally it got so tall he really couldn't reach the top any longer and it came crashing down. Other kids tried to recreate Isaac's tower but they just didn't have his awesome touch :).

Go Chicago Fire!

Isaac spearheaded the super fan effort. Both boys are hoping for a cameo on the jumbotron. My little soccer fans are clearly excited to be at the game. Well worth the hour drive (even though we just got home last night after two days of driving home from Utah).