Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Is it Just Me?

Okay, I finally read Twilight. And I must say I was unimpressed. Is it just me? Everyone I talked to has LOVED it. I'd love to hear if anyone else felt the same way I did. At this point, I'm not planning to read any more of the series...does it get any better? Should I try the next one? Or, will it be more of the same?

For those of you who are not hooked-up with me on goodreads, here's my review:
Like an over-hyped movie often fails to measure up, the much hailed Twilight fell flat for me. The one-dimensional story line lacked sub plots and depth. The whole book was all dialog and very little action or plot. The female character, Bella, was annoyingly and unrealistically helpless and her boyfriend, Edward, seemed all too consumed by his "duty" to protect her from herself--to the extent that I found his comments on her clumsiness to be condescending rather than chivalrous. Sadly, Twilight was not for me what it has been for so many others who love the series and are smitten by Edward.