Monday, April 13, 2009

Isaac's World

Brent found himself alone with Isaac this week and tried to engage him in a fatherly conversation about how things are going in his life. Their conversation went as follows:

Brent: "So Isaac, do you feel like you have any challenges in your life right now?"
Isaac: Thinks for a minute, "Yeah, time is a challenge".
Brent: "Really? How so? Do you feel like you don't have enough time to do everything you want to do?"
Isaac: "No, I just can't keep the big hand and the little hand straight, I forget which one is which".

I have a feeling this one will keep us laughing for years to come.

In other news, Isaac lost his two front teeth last week. He looks adoreable, but hates the attention from everyone who notices and comments. Uncle Matt came to visit from Arizona and the kids had a blast with him. I thought this photo was so cute of Isaac snuggled up to his favorite uncle (sorry to any other uncles who may read this...if you move closer you might be in the running--then again, Matt's a pretty tough act to follow).