Friday, July 1, 2011

Lillois, Belgium (just outside Waterloo) - our new digs!

We have a new apartment! It's actually quite large by European standards (4-bedrooms, kitchen, living room, two bathrooms). We are most excited about the kitchen and laundry. Eating out is great once in awhile, but after 10-days of eating lunch and dinner away from home I'm ready to cook again.

Morgan's room has it's own shower and sink, the hall has a tub/shower and double sinks, and the only toilet is in it's own little room (next to the hall bathroom). So, we have four bathroom sinks, but just one toilet. We all get a kick out of this European style bathroom set-up.

We are right on a busy road, so it isn't quiet and tranquil like the B&B was, but the slightly more urban feel is kind of a fun change. We were excited to step out our door and walk 1/2 a block to the bakery for croissants in the morning, but sadly found it wasn't open (it looks like it may be out of business). The train is just a block away as well (although getting around in our diesel station wagon with GPS has been so easy, we tend to drive everywhere).

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