Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Recent Jumble of Happenings By: Morgan

I can not believe that I forgot to tell you guys about the sock monkeys Ima and I sewed while on our trip! They were a LOT easier than they look and turned out SUPER cute!!!

Ima left!! I am sooooooo lonely! Just kidding! I have my family to keep me company but I do miss her. She did make it safely to Sweden and is having a great time with her her grandparents. Right after she left, Ethan said, "Finally! Ima left! Now I don't have to be squished in the back seat. Yes!" I thought that was pretty funny. Later he confessed that he would miss her.

Yesterday morning, my mom made us Belgium pancakes (crapes) for breakfast. Though she is just a beginner, I thought that they were great. Ethan on the other hand thought they were just okay.

It seems like these past few days we have been just hanging out at our apartment watching "CBeebies" (A T.V. channel fo toddlers in English) Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Batman Begins or Gnomeo and Juliet. On CBeebies there is a show called "Small Potatoes." It has a very catchy theme song that we have been humming these past few days. Just talking about it gets it even more stuck in my head! "Small potatoes, small potatoes..." (See the link to hear it) Speaking of potatoes we have been eating lots of potatoes here but I don't know why. We have also been playing lots of games on our iPod Touches. One game that Ethan has been playing a lot recently is Tiny Wings on Isaac or I's iPod. One day when he was playing he said: "Dad. I'm playing a game called Tiny Wings but I don't know why it is called Tiny Wings. I think it is because there is this one guy and he is like this bird and he has tiny wings so he can't fly so he jumps off mountains instead." My dad and I just laughed though Ethan had no idea what we were laughing at.

Last night we were watching Lord of the Rings and my dad is totally OBSESSED with Lord of the Rings. He was on his computer while watching it and still said every line before it was actually said.

When we were still at the bed and breakfast, I was sleeping and my dad came over to my bed where he kept his cologne. While he was putting it on, I (kind of) woke up and said:"Dad, I can smell you!" and went right back to bed. I always smell his "purfume" and point it out to him.

I recently started reading "Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl." I started it yesterday night and am already over half way done. I wouldn't be reading it so fast but we are going to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam this weekend and my parents want me to have a good time at the museum. They think that by me reading the book it will be more meaningful to me. I don't know. We'll see how it goes.

One strange thing about our apartment that I wanted to poin out is that there are 3 bathrooms, 2 showers/baths, and 1 toilet. Speaking of bathrooms, we ran out of toilet paper even though it hasn't even been a week. We got some more and it has astronauts on it. To my mom, I was like: "Poor astronauts! This is going to be a much harder job than landing on the Earth's moon." Maybe we'll get the dinosaur ones next time. They probably won't mind as much.

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Angela said...

Morgan, I really like hearing all the things you're doing on your trip! Maybe you're having potatoes a lot because Grandma made us potatoes a lot and you can find them in every country!

Also, you're dad has loved Lord of the Rings for YEARS! I remember him and Uncle Dan and I don't know who else sitting in the basement watching the movies one Christmas when the movies first came out -- so pretty much all your life!