Saturday, July 2, 2011

Brugge, Belgium - by Ethan

My favorite part of Brugge was seeing a guy play a weird instrument. We went on a boat tour. When we were on the tour boat there were two dogs in a window, one dog was laying there and sleeping on a pillow at the open window. At the boat tour when we were waiting for our turn there were bathrooms and it was really funny because there was no sink. There was another funny bathroom where the boys and girls shared one sink and the urinal was right by the sink (where the girls are too). When we ate dinner there was a rope that blocked you off from the upstairs like at Great America when they put a string in front of you and it means no more people can come in or a chain that means you can't go that way. Isaac and I couldn't get down from upstairs. So we just went over the rope. That's all I have to say. -Ethan


Michelle said...

Hi, this is Morgan. Do you see the fence by the windmill thing? Well there is an electric current running through it and I got electricated! :O (Good thing it wasn't srong enough to "afrocate" my hair for the picture!)

Angela said...

Ethan, I'm dying to know more about the weird instrument. Also I'm not sure I'd want to wash my hands right next to a urinal.

Morgan, ask your mom if she remembers when we used to touch the electric part of the fence in the Marsh's yard when we went with Jenny Gubler!