Sunday, July 10, 2011

Amsterdam, Day 2 (7/10/11) - By Isaac

PANCAKES IN THE PARK - For breakfast we had pancakes in the park across the street from our hotel. The pancakes were like crepes, but a little bit more thick. I had bacon and cheese, Ethan had bacon, Morgan had strawberries and whip cream, Dad had ham and cheese, and Mom had apples. We all loved our pancakes. They were delicious.

I AM AMSTERDAM SIGN & PARK - In this park there was an "I am Amsterdam" sign that was made out of metal. You could climb on the sign. The I was the tallest letter and I went on top of it. Morgan climbed on top of the M, and Ethan climbed up on top of the E. Next to the I am Amsterdam sign there was a playground. At the playground there was this round swing. I pushed Ethan and he went super high. He was all the way sideways. There was also this net type thing that you could climb up. There was also a slide. The slide was very steep.
VAN GOGH MUSEUM - We also went to the Van Gogh museum that had over 200 paintings from Van Gogh. I love Van Gogh's style of paintings. I like his style because he makes gloppy blobs of paint on his paintings. I like that it gives the picture texture and makes it more real life looking. In the museum there was a treasure hunt for kids. On the treasure hunt they gave you a puzzle piece of a picture and you had to find out what picture it was. It was hard. If you did the whole treasure hunt and turned it in at the front desk you could get a prize. The prize was a little postcard with one of Van Gogh's paintings on it.

BIKING - While we were in Amsterdam we went biking because Amsterdam is famous for biking. There is more than one bike per person in Amsterdam. On our bike ride we rode our bikes around a gianormous park [Vondelpark]. In the park there was a river and the river had a couple of trees that feel over and were touching the bottom of the river and sticking out of the water. We climbed up on the trees. It was really fun. On the other half of our bike ride we rode around the city. We rode over steep bridges. It was hard. The bike ride was VERY fun.
I had a really fun time in Amsterdam. I hope we can go back again.

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