Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ghent, Belgium - by Isaac

Church--While we were in Ghent we went to our own church (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints). At the church there were headsets we wore to translate what the Dutch were saying into English. It was cool because we thought we were just going to be listening to Dutch and that wouldn't have been so fun. It was great becasue that way we got to listen to sacrament meeting and understand what they were saying. When they were passing the bread Ethan ate his and said loudly, "THIS BREAD IS WAY BETTER THAN OURS!" We all laughed.

Castle--We went to this awesome castle and in the castle was a dungeon. The dungeon was 18 feet deep and cold and dark. There was also a torture room. In the torture room there was a thing that would chop off people's heads and there was also a torture where they pour water down their throat. There was also a well full of water that they would drop the prisoners in to torture them.

Graffiti--The graffiti street was a street full of graffiti. You couldn't see as spot where there was no graffiti. When we were walking down the street we saw a guy spray painting graffiti that was really cool. The graffiti was kind of cool and it was on windows and doors and was just everywhere! It was so cool. There was so much graffiti because it was allowed (legal) on that one particular street.

White Tile Game--Whenever there is white and black tile in a church we always play this game where you can only hop on the white tile. If you touch the black tile you are out. We've played this a lot while we've been here. It's a really fun game.

Climbing the Bell Tower - We climbed this humongous bell tower. The bell tower had about a 100 bells. It was five stories high, but each story was like two stories high. The ceilings were like double size. While we were climbing up we heard the bells, they were loud and beautiful.

Eating Speculoos Ice Cream - I LOOOOOVE Speculoos Ice Cream. Speculoos is my favorite kind of ice cream. I love it so much because I love speculoos and I love ice cream. Speculoos is popular in Belgium. There is speculoos ice cream, plain speculoos, and speculoos cookies. It is just famous here.

Eating Belgian Fries w/Tiny Forks--In Belgium they eat everything with utinsels (even pizza). They even eat fries with tiny forks. We think it is kind of wierd, but here they think it's weird that we eat french fries with our hands. That shows how different our countries are. So we decided to try something new by trying to eat french fries with forks. It was fun.

And that what's we did in the city of Ghent! I had so much fun! -Isaac


Michelle said...

Hi everone! This is Morgan. I juust wanted to say that you should look at my dad'a face in the last picture. In my opinion, his face reads, "I'm too cool to be in this picture." !!!!!:) I'm not saying he isn't cool but he looks funny!!

Angela said...

Oh, I love it when they get old enough to analyze their parents!

Isaac, can you only get Speculoos ice cream in Belgium? Or is it in all of Europe? Or did you have it in Chicago too? I've never heard of it before!