Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Our Day in Brussels - By Isaac

Today we woke up and walked down for breakfast there was toast, eggs, ceareal, orange juice, fruit, ham, turkey, cheese and croissants.

After breakfast we went to the city of brussels. On the way to the city we had some french lessons [on audio CD]. When we got there we parked then when we got out of the car we looked over the balcony and looked out to the city. Then we walked to this really old church and saw this really pretty garden in the garden there was a big fountain across from the garden was a mansion.

Then we walked down to the town square where we ate beljum waffles with ice cream, whip cream and choclate sauce. We heard a story about the stachus; the 1st stachu said who farted the 2nd stachue said it was him (pointing to a statue across the square) the 3rd statue said no it was him (pointing to an old sheaperd statue on the other side of the square) he said sorry it was me. Then we saw the mannequin pis (peeing boy statue). After that we got on the road to pick up on my Dad. Then we saw a place to eat we ate then we went to the bed and breakfast.

That's what we did today.


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Angela said...

Love hearing what you did today! Christopher is going to LOVE the story about the statues!