Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 1: Belgium

Bonjour!! This is Morgan and Ima (Ima is a friend who is going to be with us for one week before she heads off to Sweden to see her family who lives there!!). Day one has been crazy! At around 9 a.m. (Belgium time (1 a.m. Chicago time)) we got off our plane and set foot in Europe. Before we left, we rented a car. After we got the car (and figured out how to use it) we found our way to our bed and breakfast through lots and lots and LOTS and lots and lots of round abouts! When we pulled into the beautiful bed and breakfast, we were greeted by a cute, friendly dog named Farah. We were shown our rooms which are AMAZING!!! They are very very beautiful!! After our tour, we brought our stuff in and got settled. Soon after we all took naps for about 2 hours. They were really needed!! After the naps, we explored the area and found an Aldi. We got lots of snacks for the car.We explores a little more, then left to pick my dad up from work (in Belgium). We explored a popular area in the area we were staying in called
Louvain-la-Neuve and ate dinner there. We ate at a Chinese restraunt for dinner. Ya. I know. Our first dinner in Belgium and we choose Chinese. After dinner we came back to the bed and breakfast and got ready for bed. Now, we are sitting on the bed writing this to all of you. We are eagerly awaiting the breakfast that will be served in the morning! :-) yay!!
Bonsoir! Well, good afternoon to most of you. Talk to you tomorrow!

-Morgan and Ima

P.S. Visit www.morimont.com to see pictures of the bed and breakfast! (you should check it out -its pretty cool-)

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The Carters said...

Yea Morgan and Ima! So glad you are posting. now you need to get really savvy and add some pictures too. Can't wait to hear about all the adventures you are going to have! Lots of Love from all of us!!!