Monday, June 20, 2011

House is sold...we are off to Europe for four weeks!

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind. In early April we put our house up for sale. Thirty days later we had an offer (amazing). The buyer needed a quick closing so we knew we'd be homeless for a bit between houses. Brent seized an opportunity to work from his company's office in Brussels Belgium for a month and the company generously agreed to provide us with a car and housing for the whole family. So after moving out of our house last week we put all our worldly possessions in Pack Rat storage containers (with overflow into a few kind friend's garages and basements...thanks Gratons and Morris's). We stayed with our friends the Walkers for a week (thanks Paul and Melissa) while Morgan was at girls camp and now we are sitting on a plane ready to depart for Brussels. Phew! I can hardly believe it all worked out. We are so excited for the adventure. Europe here we come!


melissa walker said...

It is so quiet here--maybe you should just ditch the new house altogether and come back and live with us! Have an awesome trip!

Angela said...

Yea! Promise you'll keep posting so we can enjoy all your adventures with you!! So excited for you! Courtney loved seeing you all! Love you! Have FUUUUUUNNNNNNN!!

Sherry said...

Holy Cow!!! Good for you guys to get a little adventure in! Have a great time!