Thursday, June 23, 2011

Brussels Atomium & Mini Europe


(Monument constructed for Worlds Fair in 1958)

Mini EuropeView out the window of the top sphereLooking out from the top sphereFrom Morgan - Hi everyone! This is Morgan. I just wanted to say that I had a great time today. The things that you can find in Belgium are incredible! Today at mini Europe we saw some amazing things. Though they are just places in Europe, they seem even more amazing in mini form when you can see things that are too high or too far from that ground that you can not see in real life. Now I can say that I have been everywhere in Europe!!

From Ethan - It was good. It wasn't like great. It was okay. We went to the thing with the balls [Atomium]. We went to this place where you get to see all this stuff that was in Belgium and in Brussels and a mini Eiffel tower. We walked around and pressed these buttons. At first we didn't know what they did, but they made music and stuff. My favorite button was the volcano because the ground would shake and it was like "ahhhhh oohhhhhh". We could drive boats. We went on a carousel. We went to a park. It rained a lot. I can't think of anything else. Yesterday we got to have Belgium waffels, they had ice cream and whip cream on them. And there were these statues that said, "Hey who farted".

From Michelle - Mini Europe was silly to me, but it was conviently located across the street from the Atomium which was pretty cool. Best dinner so far at a yummy pizza place near Brent's work. More French audio CDs while driving (we moved on to lesson 2 today), Morgan even got brave and practiced a few lines on our waiter who didn't speak much English.

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