Friday, June 24, 2011

Maastricht, Netherlands (Holland) By:Morgan and Ima

The first thing that you should know about Holland is that there are a LOT of bikes! Not only Holland but all of Europe. But there are more in Holland than anywhere we have gone. On the way there we had to take two billion and seventy three pit stops for Ethan to go to the bathroom. Literally. About 10 minutes from the city, my mom was the one who had to take a pit stop but she didn't quite make it to a bathroom....she peeed her pants!!!! [Michelle: We go all the way to Holland and THIS is the memory Morgan chooses to report?!? I'm considering pre-post censorship rights.] Good thing we were in Europe and no one there knows us!At least it started raining a couple minutes later(her pants blendede in more). While we were there, we bought some fruit at a little market. It was the very best fruit in the whole wide world!!!! Really. You should have tasted it! I've never tasted fruit that good!!! Morgan got raspberries(like heaven!), Ima got blackberries(so sweet it's like my eyes are popping out of my head!!!), Ethan got stawberries(Awesome!), and Isaac got a green apple(delicious!). While we were there, we hopped over almost all ofthe pegs in the city! (Thats how we entertain ourselves while we are walking around). All we really did in Holland was walk around and explore cute little streets. We had some gross hamburgers for lunch. No really. They were G-R-O-S-S. While exploring, we came across a store named Cool Cat. Ima and I got SSUUPPEERR cute matching shirts. Later, we watched a mini concert from a balcony nearby the concert. we had a perfect view of the porta- potties and of a man peeing in a urinal that we didn't know was a urinal. We thought it was a sink until we saw a man looking at us awkwardly. He was standing there for a while so he couldn't have been washing his hands. When Isaac and Ethan went down there to go to the bathroom, we asked them when they came back up what the thing was. Lets just say that we were right. :-) After that we went on this castle thing then left. The ride home had WAY less pit stops. The best thing about Holland was the fruit. Holland is amazing!! You should definately go there.

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The Carters said...

i am laughing so hard i peed my pants too!