Thursday, March 27, 2008

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What is your Hubby's name? Brent

How long have you been together? Our first "date" was in 9th grade, February of 1987, 21 years ago--yikes, I've never done the math before, that's a lot of years. We weren't together that whole time (a lot of ons and offs in between...but that's another much longer story). We've been married for 14 years this summer. ***I hope you noticed the cheesy Peter Cetera track I added to go along with this post...Brent dedicated this song to me on the radio back in 1987. Aww, he was such a romantic 14-year-old :-)!

Who said I love you first? Is this crazy, I can't remember!?! I'm sure it was Brent (not my style to go first) but neither Brent nor I can recall when it was first said. This is especially funny since we had at least two (and possibly 3) "first times" to say I love you (since we were together 3 different times before getting married). Pathetic!

Who is smarter? Um, me of course :-). Okay, really, Brent is a math whiz, he puts me to shame in that category. He's also very diligent in studying and can ace any test if he can prepare (like the CPA exam and the GMAT). He can learn how to do anything--not just school related, but how to build and fix things too. I think I'm better at language arts and critical reasoning. We are both pathetic spellers (thank goodness Morgan somehow got my sister, Angela's, spelling genes).

Who does the housework? Brent helps a ton, he usually gets the laundry washed and dried and I do most of the folding. If you ask him what bugs him most about me it would probably be that I am very slow to put away the clothes in my clean clothes basket. He often does the dishes after dinner. Brent's very organized, his closet is frighteningly immaculate. We attribute this to the years spent folding clothes at the Gap in high school and college. He's great at de-junking the house when it starts to drive him nuts--he'll get the bug to organize and watch out, he's unstoppable. I do more of the deeper cleaning (along with the help of the 1x a month cleaning crew), but Brent helps a lot with the picking-up and tidying and day-to-day organizing.

Who sleeps on the right? Me, because it is closest to the door and the kids. While Brent is helpful in many ways, hearing the kids at night or waking up to help them when they cry out is not one of his strong suits.

Who pays the bills? Mostly auto pay on the bills, but the overall tracking of finances has been my job for the last 14 years and FINALLY just this month Brent took over, YAHOO!

Who cooks dinner? Usually me, but Brent is happy to jump in if I don't already have something going.

Who drives when you are together? Always Brent, I don't like driving when we're together. Because he isn't used to me driving, on the rare occasion that I do drive he's a nervous wreck, and an awful passenger. This gets me off the hook for driving on many a long road trip :-)

Who is more stubborn? Ha, these are my answers, so I say BRENT (I'm sure he'll disagree...but then again he never reads the blog so he won't protest :-).

Who kissed who first? He kissed me first, in 9th grade on the steps of the Pioneer Memorial Theatre at the U of U after a Ute basketball game. I believe he was the 3rd boy I'd ever kissed. I seem to remember he was wearing Polo cologne and chewing Big Red gum...there was probably a Vanillaroma air freshener in the car afterwards. Those smells seem to go along with any memory of kissing in my youth.

Who proposed? He did - he was so nervous that night, we were at dinner before he proposed and his palms were so sweaty. He had to excuse himself to the bathroom about five times. I had a clue something was up because he was acting so strange--but I was thrown off because there was no sign of a ring in his pocket. We walked to see the Christmas lights on Temple Square in downtown SLC where his brother and sister-in-law had been sent to hang the ring from a tree for me to find. Once I'd discovered the ring he bent down on one knee and proposed. I wanted to cry, but couldn't, but the onlookers did :-).

Who has more siblings? Me - I have 5 sibs, he has 2 sibs.

Who wears the pants? Hmmm, I'd say it's a joint democracy. Although Brent's trained the kids to say that I'm in charge.

Per Angela's request I tag Sheree and Bekah...and Lisse too!


lissiemarie said...

I could just cry!!! first of all because seriously...9th grade, what a fairy tale!, next because my husband is the absent minded professor and it is my main beef with him.
I'm in the middle of moving right now but I'll take the tag when I can.
ps a kid dedicated this song to me in the 9th glad I didn't end up with him. You and Brent are really an awesome pair.

Michelle said...

Brent here on Michelle's computer. I'd love to pretent I was Michelle and take back the "stubborness" comments, but in all fairness she is correct...but I don't want it to go to her head.

Also, Michelle, in typical fashion is not giving herself much credit. While the clean clothes may pile up in the laundry basket on her side of the bed, Meesh wonderfully plays the role of Mommy to our three children....which is the most important thing that gets done around the house. She not only gets it done, she excels...sort of like I excel in folding clothes, but there again you have to aks yourself 'what is really important?'

We're Wingin It said...

Cute! I love "You're My Inspiration" one of my all time favorite cheesy love songs. And you guys are so perfect together. I loved watching you two date--big sister romances are just fun.

So how about a picture of the two of you in your matching zoo outfits?

We're Wingin It said...

Oh, and I've always been impressed with all the things Brent can do! Man, the two of you together can seriously do anything. Your house always looks awesome, decorated to perfection, and all your DIY projects look professional.

I was quite happy to learn that I wasn't the only one with laundry piles. And if I only had half the patience Michelle has--she really is an awesome mom.