Saturday, March 15, 2008

And the Silver Medal Goes to...MORGAN!

Today Morgan competed in the State Gymnastics meet for Level 4 gymnasts. In order to participate all gymnasts had to qualify by earning a qualifing score in an earlier meet--so the competition was tough. Morgan pulled through with a stellar performance--her best of the season! It's been a goal of hers to earn 9.0+ scores in all four events. She was close at a few meets, but one of the 9s always eluded her. Today was the day she was working so hard for, all 9.0+ scores! What a great finish to the season and a great final performance of her level 4 career (she'll now move up to level 5 and all new routines).

She placed 2nd on Vault with an amazing 9.725 score (2nd only to her own teammate who edged her out by .025). She placed 6th All Around. She was all smiles and so excited! Her scores were...

Bars 9.200 (7th place)
Beam 9.025
Floor 9.075 (10th place)
Vault 9.725 (2nd place)
All Around 37.025 (6th place)

Her team took 2nd place.

I realize I'm bragging, but I'm just so thrilled to see her end the season on such a great note (and so happy to see her so proud of herself).


Courtney said...

Wow!!! Good job, Morgan!

lissiemarie said...

Oh I would love to have been there! How very fun...I'm going to be looking for her in the 2012 Olympics!

We're Wingin It said...

Yay Morgan! That is amazing! A silver medal, wow.