Sunday, March 23, 2008

Spring Break or Christmas Break?

Yes, this is really a picture of the kids out in the SNOW today...yes today, EASTER. The first day of Spring comes and goes and what do we get? 9 inches of snow! All of you California friends can just stop your snickering now. I'm in no mood to listen to it. I realize we should be spending Spring break setting-up patio furniture and wearing capris. But NO! We'll spend Spring Break sledding, building snow forts, and whacking icicles off the side of the house.

The good news is I just bought Morgan a new snow coat on clearance for next year and now she doesn't have to wait a year to use it.

The even better news is that as much as it is fun to complain about the lack of a Spring, truthfully the kids are having a blast in the snow--and if the kids are happy, mom's happy :-). We went sledding yesterday and they got to try out the huge toboggan like thing they made with all the neighbors--it actually made it 1/2 way down the hill at a descent speed before they all fell off. Ethan was committed to learning to snowboard despite repeated tumbles and falls. Surprisingly he did a pretty good job and was quite pleased with his own efforts.

So while this winter is dragging on, and we'd love to see some sunshine, at least we have fun snow to play in which is much better than cold and rainy or just plain cold. I'll just keep on listening to the music of Israel Kamakawiwo'ole (IZ) (who I have on the iTunes right now) and reminiscing about laying on the beach in Hawaii last year this time! Oh happy memories :-)!


lissiemarie said...

OH my word!!!! Your kids are good sports for taking a pic with their coats off. I love the music. We have this cd and love it. It works well with the snow pics since it is a thought of warmer days ahead!

Melissa Walker said...

It was fun hanging out with you all! Merry Christmas! :)