Sunday, March 30, 2008

Isaac's Future Plans

Isaac and I had a nice little chat tonight about his goals and interests. Here's what I learned:

What he DOES NOT want to be when he grows up:

  • Factory Worker
  • Construction Worker (like Bob the Builder)
  • Light Bulb Maker
  • An American Idol (this came up because Morgan has recently decided that she does want to be on American Idol when she is old enough, Isaac however said, "Mom, I don't really like singing".)

What he DOES want to do:

  • Work at the front desk at the Courtyard Marriott in Indianapolis, Indiana. He has it all planned out. He'll take his kids there, let them swim in the indoor pool while he works at the desk, then when he's done working he'll play with them for a while in the pool then they'll all go back to their room (I'm guessing that means they'll live at the hotel too). As you might guess we stayed at this hotel a few weeks ago when Morgan had a gymnastics meet in Indianapolis. Isaac had a great time swimming in the tiny indoor pool and as we were driving home he said he was going to take his kids there when he grew up (not Disneyland, not the beach, but the Courtyard Marriott in Indy...what a vacation!). Apparently now he wants to work there so he can take his kids there every day :-).
  • Race Car Driver (convenient--he can hit the Indy 500 track on weekends when he's off-shift at the Courtyard).
  • who swims in races (he just finished swimming lessons and he's pretty jazzed that he can now swim across the pool unassisted)
  • Baseball Player (interesting because he chose not to sign-up for t-ball this year)
  • Photographer (Excellent! Now I can justify a digital SLR camera purchase..."Honey, it's not for me, it's to encourage Isaac in his interests and dreams" :-).


Courtney said...

That's cute! Tell Isaac good luck for me! I think photography would be fun too!

We're Wingin It said...

That is so cute, and so thoughtful! I love the Courtyard Marriott idea--very clever. Monet would like to work at Kohler's grocery store so she can see her teacher a lot.

I just saw a truck the other day that was wrapped, and basically it is a service that picks up dog poop. How would that be for a career!