Saturday, October 20, 2007

Cute Quotes

Morgan: "Those little trolls really are good luck." I smile. "Really mom, it says 'Good Luck Troll' on the package I bought from the book fair. I had the best day ever at gymnastics. Coach Kelly told me I did the best beam routine she's ever seen me do!"

Isaac: While watching Return of the Jedi "Mom, just tell me, does Luke Skywalker die?". "No" I say. "What about Darth Vader and the Emperor?" "Do you really want me to tell you?" I ask. "Um, no, don't tell me". ...he's going to be Darth Vader for Halloween.

Ethan: "I love you home mom! I love you home mommy! I love you home!" Said many times a day along with a great big hug upon my return from being out of town for the weekend. His other latest is "FAVORITE". Everything is said with an emphatic, "That's my favorite!" For instance, "Ethan, do you want peanut butter for lunch?", "Peanut Butter is my FAVORITE". "Do you want to wear your baseball jammies?", "Baseball jammies are my favorite!" Ahhh, you gotta love 2-year olds!

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We're Wingin It said...

Miles says favorite all the time too. Mangos are his FAVORITE fruit. Ethan is so darling, I love all the new pictures!