Saturday, October 20, 2007

Star Wars Obsession

Two weeks ago Brent stumbled upon Star Wars Episode 3 on TV. Isaac, who'd never seen a Star Wars movie, had already decided to be Darth Vader for Halloween and Ethan had agreed to be Yoda. So naturally we thought the boys would get a kick out of watching the show. Little did we know this would ignite a Star Wars marathon during which our family would watch four of the six movies (thanks to our neighbors next door who let us borrow the original trilogy). Ethan now asks to watch Star Wars as often as he asks to watch Caillou. Brent has been recruited to play the part of Luke Skywalker for Halloween. Morgan, much to Isaac's disappointment, has NOT been convinced to abandon her witch costume for Princess Leia (although I think she would have crossed-over if she hadn't already planned to do matching witches with her friend). As Brent and I were reminiscing about Star Wars in our youth, I made the connection that I was Princess Leia in kindergarten(my favorite costume of all time) . Now, my own son, a kindergartener, is going as Darth Vader. Who would have guessed that Star Wars would retain it's popularity 30 years later?!?


We're Wingin It said...

Wow, Miles and Ethan are so similar. It is funny how their ages correspond so much with their behavior. Miles is constantly saying things are his FAVORITE. So cute.

Whatever happened to that Princess Leia costume? I wore that one too and it was so nice! Was it a Marge creation?

lissiemarie said...

So I am just trying to decide if Ellie and Wells are too young for Star Wars. They want to see it but Ellie gets pretty scared so I just turn it off. I can't believe Ethan isn't scared.