Friday, September 28, 2007

They're Only Two Once

Yesterday was one of those days when Ethan wouldn't let me forget he was a 2-year old. He was inspecting Isaac's "electricity" play set when he decided to bite into the tiny light bulb. Yes, he bit the light bulb--crushed it between his teeth. As I fished crushed glass out of his mouth I resisted the urge to shout, "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING"? --knowing it would only be rhetorical.

Later, as I was making my daily blueberry smoothie (thanks Mom for the recipe) Ethan decided to help. Mind you, it isn't easy to turn on my blender. You have to first push on, then push another button for the speed. I guess I've let Ethan help too often, because as I was putting the bag of blueberries back in the freezer Ethan reached up and pushed just the right buttons. Sadly, the lid was not yet on. So blueberries and flax meal sprayed around the kitchen.

Fortunately, my darling angel redeemed himself of all earlier offenses when he called to me while in the bath, "Mom, poopy is coming". HOORAY! We snatched him out of the bath, placed him on the potty where he did his business (normally he lets me know after it's already floating in the bath water...ah, it's fun to be a mom on those days!). I was so proud of the little guy (and so thrilled I didn't have to pull out the bleach yet again).

In the midst of typing this posting Ethan came up to me clutching a 9v battery in his fist as he exclaimed, "Mom, this is hot, put it in your mouth". Ha! Wonder which of his siblings taught him the tongue on the 9Volt trick. Wow, it will be a challenge keeping this one out of life threatening danger!!!


matt, bekah & baby jax said...

I am peeing my pants reading this post. I miss Ethan and all his energy! He definately keeps you working hard, but he is sooo entertaining. I can relate to the poop in the tub. It actually happend tonight! Awesome! He was floating in it before I noticed.

Angela said...

They're actually two for 365 days!! I can't believe we both had similar two-year-old experiences to post about today! What a riot! Actually, not really. I ate a whole bag of "White Chocolate Gourmet Kettle Corn" that someone brought over as a thank you to Dan. Today was a horrible day and when I saw all that sugar I knew it would make me feel better. And it did. I probably won't feel better tomorrow when I step on the scale. But maybe I won't awake to 2 dozen eggs broken on the floor again!!!!!!

lissiemarie said...

You and your sense of humor are so priceless! I got the greatest laugh from this blog. I am really loving hearing about the events in your life. And I love Ethan! He is much like Harrison only Ethan has about a year on Harrison. Ellie's only job is to clean up all the messes Harrison makes! I usually end up doing is after all in the job description right!