Sunday, September 2, 2007

Painting Help

Yesterday as I was painting our front porch posts when Isaac came outside very interested in the project. When he asked if he could help I told him the paint was messy so this really needed to be an adult-only project. He gave an indignant huff and asked, "Then why does Ethan get to help?". I wheeled around to find Ethan clutching a dripping stir stick busily "painting" the brick. ARUGH!!!

Oh yea, the paint is still in his hair and on his forehead--as it was all night last night as we went out to dinner with friends and did some shopping. Ah, the joys of being the third child!


bekah said...

Oh Ethan...Never a dull moment. He'll make the teenage years feel like a breeze!

guest said...

Did you take a picture and laugh like a good mom who appreciates the wonder of childhood and the things kids do? Did you give him a squeeze and ask Isaac to bring you the turpentine and you all joyfully worked together to clean the paint off and then make a batch of cookies and read a good book in a comfy chair together? That's what I would have done! :-)