Monday, August 27, 2007

Back to School

It's hard to believe the summer has come to an end. After a long week of rain and mosquitoes we had an amazing last weekend. On Saturday we headed about two hours south to the Indiana Dunes on Lake Michigan where there are vast sandy beaches. We played in the water, in the sand and on the sand hills all day. It felt like a mini-vacation. Isaac was in delighted to find the wind just right for flying his new Spiderman kite. On Sunday the weather was perfect and the mosquitoes weren't so vicious so we barbecued outside and played on the trampoline with the kids. It was hard to pull ourselves inside to get the kids to bed early for school starting.

Isaac has been so excited to start Kindergarten. He was nervous until he attended the Kindergarten orientation with Grandma Nancy last Spring. Something about that night just eased all his fears and he's been nothing but excited ever since. Today was a short 1/2 hour getting comfortable with the daily routine. Tomorrow he'll be on the bus with the big kids in the morning. He can't hold back his smile when he thinks about it.

Morgan started third grade. She got the teacher she was hoping for and came home with good information about her great first day back (after I forced her inside to sit down and chat with me) . She likes that her teacher is organized, has everything planned for the day, is nice, and that she chose good partners for everyone to sit by (kids who didn't know each other yet). Morgan is really excited to have a lot of her friends in her class this year. She seems to be in her element back to a routine and schoolwork. She loves to be busy and challenged!All the kids on the block out waiting for the bus in the morning. We started a tradition of having "breakfast at the bus stop" every year on the first day of school.

The girls on our block! Anna, Molly, Ima, and Morgan.
The boys on our block! Isaac, Alex, Sam and Michael.I got to ride the bus to school with Isaac on his first day.


Name: Angela said...

What an exciting day! I loved seeing the pictures of Morgan and Isaac...and Michelle, you look fab--I love that shirt and color on you!

bekah said...

Such cute pictures. Morgan looks awsome in the green. And what about you HOT Mama! You look awesome. I have tons of pics from Morgan's baptism that I just printed from Costco and will send out to you this week. These pics make me miss all of the fun kids in your hood.