Wednesday, September 5, 2007

It's Over!

Monday afternoon (Labor Day) we arrived home sweaty and dirty from camping. Morgan had just come out of a much needed shower when a neighbor asked if we'd like to join them at the pool. It seemed like a great way to soak all the grime off the boys bodies, and I didn't have to feel guilty about polluting the pool since it would be closing for the season that evening. Apparently, we weren't alone in our idea to sneak in one last plunge of the summer. The parking lot was completely full and there was hardly room in the pool to move (and it's a really big pool!). But nevertheless we had a great time swimming, diving, and sliding.

When 5:30 came an announcement came over the loud speaker, "It is now 5:30 and Adler Pool is closed for the evening, and the 2007 season. See you next year." I felt the emotion swell up in my chest, and was close to becoming teary eyed (seriously). Nothing signifies summer's arrival more than the opening of the pool on Memorial Day. When we drive by the pool in early May the kids survey the scene with eagerness as the umbrellas are set-up, volleyball nets are hung, and the pools begin filling with water. Of course, it's usually still too cold on Memorial Day for anyone in their right mind to actually go swimming, but at least the pool is open which means school will soon be out and warm sun is just around the corner. Alternatively, the close of the pool indicates the impending doom of winter lurking behind a corner ready to emerge without notice or warning.

My first reaction is to run the other direction (South I guess would work...maybe California or Florida) to escape the doom that awaits me. But, then I'd miss out on the fall which is an amazing season here. Our block transforms as the huge trees that canopy our street change colors and the air becomes crisp. The kids head out to the bus stop in the morning warmed by fleece only to arrive home in the afternoon with the unnecessary jackets discarded and stuffed in their backpacks. The cool morning air gives way to warm afternoon sun--the perfect temperature for just about anything (except for swimming :-).

So, for now I'm going to focus on fall. The amazing season at hand. And I'll choose to ignore the fact that the long long LOOOONG winter will follow too close on fall's heels.

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matt said...

Today the NFL season opened - which in the Nugent family signifies fall as well. It is not the same watching the Bears play while the temperatures are still soaring in the hundreds. Driving through Libertyville's tree lined streets, apple picking, Thanksgiving on Michigan Avenue are fall activities that Matt and I will miss dearly. But most of all The Paul Family. Warming up in your comforting house to football games, Sunday dinners and movie nights! :( We miss you guys so much! LOVE YOU!!