Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pantyliners in Pull-Ups

Yesterday I was helping Ethan take off his Pull-Up and was surprised to discover a pantyliner (inside the Pull-Up). He smiled proudly, "I got one of those too mom!". I quickly scanned the bathroom for tampon wrappers...just in case :-)

Isaac came running in the office this morning, "Mom you gotta see this". It was the commercial for the "Package Shark" . From my boy who loves tape and tools his enthusiasim for such a handy device doesn't surprise me. He'd take a Package Shark over a new toy any day.

Morgan is thrilled with her new balance beam. Her birthday present arrived early and I gave in and let her play with it. I might add that I have landed a cartwheel on the beam. The kids keep asking me to perform my stunt for their friends who are equally shocked and amazed (and maybe a little bit disturbed).

In all the excitement around the new beam, Ethan has taken to wearing Morgan's leotards. He changes into them every chance he gets. Here's a photo of him in his leo "surfing" on a board laid across a wheeled shopping cart. As always, he's most content when danger is involved!

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Angela said...

Ethan cracks me up!

A new beam!!! How fun! I'm very impressed that you can still do a cartwheel on the beam. I've really dared myself to do a backbend and just can't get the courage!

I was just telling Dan about the Package Shark last night as he was very frustrated trying to open a package for Christopher. We'll have to check it out!