Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Gymnastics Meet Photos

Here are some photos from Morgan's most recent meet. One of the dad's took pictures with his professional camera with huge zoom lens. He was nice enough to share them, and so I finally have some great photos from the meets. It's hilarious to see Morgan's tounge out in every shot. She sticks it out whenever she's concentrating. She doesn't even realize she is doing it. Morgan had a great meet taking 2nd place in vault and 4th place All Around in her age group. Way to go Morgan!


lissiemarie said...

These pictures are priceless!!! Wow, Morgan is really good. It is so fun to see her growing up into such an accomplished girl.

Angela said...

Way to go, Morgan! It's so awesome to see you compete -- what great form! You've done a lot of hard work -- we wish we were there to see you in real life! Love you!