Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Arm Farts...oh my!

I dare you to say "arm fart" without giggling or at least cracking a smile. I can't. My 8-year-old niece, Elise, came to visit over Christmas break and taught Morgan how to arm fart. Morgan quickly set to work teaching her brothers her newly learned skill. So, here are my beautiful kids (and husband) in all their arm farting glory (around the dinner table no less). Aren't they adorable? I couldn't be more proud :-)!

Press play above to view the video!


Nikki said...

Too funny!

We're Wingin It said...

I am just so glad that Elise could teach such a skill--now what about burping the alphabet? She's pretty talented at that one too. Good thing she makes sure the teachers aren't around when she does it at school!

Elise is going to be cracking up when she sees that one! Your family is so cute. I love seeing Ethan. Now how about a little tour of your house? :) I still want to see it.

We're Wingin It said...

To Morgan,Great job on teaching everyone how to arm fart.That is very funny!


lissiemarie said...

Oh my hilarious!The Paul family has never a dull moment! Sure do miss you.

Angela said...

Christopher has also been teaching everyone to arm fart... we are so proud! But to take a video...that was CLASSIC!! Love it!

Becky said...

Hilarious! We miss you guys so much - you always did know how to keep it classy. :)