Sunday, November 4, 2007

Happy Birthday to Isaac - The Big Six Years Old!

I just pulled off the greatest coup of Motherhood. Normally the last week or two would have been a crazy mad dash to pull together a birthday party for Isaac and ten or so other kindergartners. The week would have involved multiple trips to the party store, the craft store, and grocery store (with Ethan in tow). Not to mention hours making-up goody bags, snacks, and cleaning the house to get it ready (only to have it trashed in two hours). But this year was different. This year was bliss. It all started a year ago when I took the kids to an indoor waterpark/hotel about 3-hours away in Wisconsin. It was just after Isaac's birthday. The kids had a great time and were asking when we could go back again with Dad who was out of town for work. I had a great mothering moment and made the casual suggestion that Isaac could invite one friend and have his birthday party there next year. Most 5-year-olds will change their mind about the venue and theme of their birthday party about as many times as they change their mind about their Halloween costume. But not Isaac. He wanted his party at the Kalahari, and he stuck with it all year long. Yippee for me! So instead of spending $300 on a party, we got to take a family vacation! What a great deal. I highly recommend the vacation party. Isaac thought it was the best. He had no clue that it was a complete cop-out from my end!!!


Angela said...

Happy Birthday Isaac!! We're glad you got such a fun birthday!! Maybe someday we can visit and go to the awesome water park/hotel too!

Cute Halloween costumes too! Did you make Morgan's? It was darling! I LOVED the Thelma and are so creative! Mom took pictures of the computer screen she loved them so much (I also had to pull up a website of Scooby Doo because she didn't know what it was!)

Did you ever figure out what the Portuguese comment was from? Wild!

We get Bekah tomorrow. YEAH! Happy daylight savings. Do you have plans to get up and exercise and use that hour wisely? Or enjoy the extra sleep?

Walker Family said...

Happy Birthday Isaac!
We found your blog from Bekah and Matt's! Although we're only 4 miles away, sometimes it seems further! I love your Halloween pictures!