Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I've Been Tagged

My friend, Kristine, tagged me on her blog. So now I'm supposed to share five little known facts about me (I suppose this is to prove to her that I checked-in on her blog and was paying attention to what she had to say :-). Not sure these are all little known, but here goes:

1. I'm kind of a recluse at times. I'm perfectly happy to be alone. Actually, I wish I had a lot more alone time. I don't mean to say that I don't love my family--I of course love being with them. But, I also really like time alone. By myself. To do whatever I want without anyone redirecting my attention. Sometimes I really look forward to driving by myself (since it NEVER happens). In the quiet solace of my car I can call anyone I want (without being interrupted), listen to whatever music I want, and think about whatever I want. The funny thing is, I always surround myself with "people people". Brent loves to be with people, and my best friends have always been "people people"--people who don't like to be alone. Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like without all the "people people" who surround me. I wonder if I'd be really boring and never get out of the house. Thank you to all my people people who keep me motivated to do interesting things :-).

2. I'm convinced I have adult onset ADD--I've seen the ad for meds on TV, I'm certain they'd do me some good, but I'm not really a med type of gal, so I just deal. I jump from one project to the next. One interruption and I can't remember where I left off and what I was doing (and since I have a 2-year old the interruptions are many). Sugar and caffeine seem to exacerbate the problem ('d think that would encourage me to refrain wouldn't you :-). Actually, I don't drink much caffeine, because it does really affect me--and Brent drinks enough for both of us! I used to love to do sewing projects and crafty household projects, but now I never even bother starting because I know I'll never finish. This said, I'm feeling a creative streak coming on and am considering delving into a little project. I'll let you know if I actually get anything done!

3. Some moms look forward to the kids going back to school at the end of the summer. I dread it. Yes, the quiet time is nice. And, it's nice to go to the store without the complaining that comes with tearing three kids away from fun and friends. But I really like having the kids around, and I really dislike the papers that come home from school each day--they drive me insane. I'd much rather have a house full of kids all day than a counter full of papers all night!

4. One of my favorite things to do each month is to volunteer at Morgan and Isaac's school as an "Art Mom". Each month a few other moms and I give a presentation on a different artist. I love learning about the artists as much as the kids do. It's a great program and I'm so lucky to be a part of it!

5. I've spent way too many hours blog stalking...visiting the blogs linked to all of your pages. When I'm behind on laundry and dishes, this is usually why. This whole blogging world, while very fun and great for keeping in touch with my family and friends, has taken a toll on my home!

The way this game works is I now tag five people who have to do the same thing on their blog. I'll be checking your blogs to make sure you play along (so you can prove to me that you actually read this thing :-). So, here's who I tag: Angela, Bekah, Sheree, Lissie, and Becky. Your IT!


We're Wingin It said...

Wow, we are definitely sisters! I could have written that post myself. I think I am your more argumentative, less patient twin :)

lissiemarie said...

I would never have guessed that you love alone time more than friend time. You are such a naturally friendly person. One that people tend to gravitate towards. I get my uplift with a fun party or a good girls night out. So different! I acknowlege I have been tagged. I am glad to do the 5 things people don't know rather than the favorite of everything one! If only all your friend could be like me and be far far away!!! I don't like that part but you might get more solitude that way!!! love ya

Michelle said...

I must clarify--I LOVE girls nights out, girls trips, girls lunches, girls walks (ahhh-our walks along Lake Michigan were the best!). Being with girlfriends is THE BEST EVER. That said, I don't mind being alone, and I really enjoy having time by myself too!

Angela said...

Loved reading your little known facts! And I'm so excited to be tagged! I need to think about it a bit and will start writing soon!