Wednesday, September 7, 2011

When the kids are all in school then I'll have time for...

For years I've had big plans. Plans for what I'd do with ALL my time when the kids were all in school all day; Read, write, paint, organize, declutter, exercise, cook, be crafty...and generally just become the fabulous person I've never had time to become. Well it's week three and so far there has been no transformation. Just as I was about to embark upon my new life of self refinement we decided to buy a project house. All my plans have been put on hold and days are filled with searching for flooring, painting, decorating and other such fun. My to-do list is huge. Even with kids in school all day I don't seem to be checking much off my list. But this weekend (with Brent's help) we did manage to paint the front door and shutters (thus the photo). So although my kids are no longer joining me for midday trips to Target, I'm still learning to exercise patience. Rome wasn't built in a day and apparently I can't accomplish everything I'd like to in two weeks unaccompanied by children. Darn!



Now...back to work on the inside!!!

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The Carters said...

I had to scroll through your blog to find the "before" version of your home. Looks good!! Can't wait to see more improvements.