Sunday, October 31, 2010

Carving, Costumes and Candy

The Carving
Every year we pick our own pumpkins at Thompson's farm in Wisconsin (only about 30 minutes from home). You can fill a whole car with pumpkins for $60. We usually split the load with two other families and end up with more than enough pumpkins to decorate our porch for the month and carve for Halloween.
The Costumes
Oscar the Grouch, Captain Cody the Clone Trooper, and a Rubik's cubeThe Candy
The neighbor friends always get together to sort and trade after the first round of trick-or-treating. The "junk" or "free" pile was full of Charleston Chews...who hands out Charleston Chews?
The Compilation Collage


Melissa Walker said...

Thanks for being my Twin-Witch on Saturday. Your family always does fun costumes!

Angela said...

Love your halloween pumpkins and costumes! For some reason my blogroll didn't show that you had updated your blog. I was beginning to wonder what you were so busy with that you couldn't even post Halloween photos!? Glad to see you're on top of it, even if my blog-thingamajig isn't. BTW, how did you find out Charlie was MJ on Halloween? Do they have a blog somewhere that I need to know about?!

Angela said...

P.S. It warmed my heart that Morgan was a Rubik's Cube. Did you tell her that when I was in 6th grade I was a Rubik's Cube Master? I even have an official certificate to prove it?!