Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rate My Space - My Bedroom Revealed

My poor bedroom was neglected and in much need of an update. I had intended to repaint for years (I never liked the green I painted) but somehow the bedroom was never top on the priority list. So, when Brent went to Europe for work this week I decided to do my own HGTV inspired "surprise design". Seven days later Brent came home to a repainted, redecorated, and revitalized bedroom.

Notice the attractive forest green and burgundy matted cherry frames. Yup, artwork from our first apartment. We bought the maps on our honeymoon and had them matted to match our forest green and burgundy decorated apartment--fashionable home decorating in 1994. I'm not really sure why I thought it was a good idea to hang the maps in our bedroom 16 years later. Yes, we really had two nightstands stuck next to each other on one side of the room. An HGTV nightmare. Since they were hidden on the far side of the room I told myself you couldn't really see them and it wasn't too bad. But now that I see it in a photo--argh, what was I thinking?! What a cluttered mess!

Drum roll please... prepare for the big reveal...

AFTER... I dusted off the sewing machine and made the black pillows myself!
Notice the vintage photography from 1994 :-)...a little throw back to the wedding.

This was my grandma Regan's dresser. She found it in the garage of a house her family once rented--left behind by the previous tenant. All the years she lived with us, this dresser was always in her room. I have fond memories of rummaging through these drawers as a child. They were jam packed with all sorts of treasures--boxes of cards, a baby food jar of polished rocks, a blue plastic container of buttons, and sometimes (if you were really fortunate) a piece of Brach's candy.
Oh, and I also whipped up this cool little upholstered board for my necklaces (we have a weird duct that runs up the wall in 1/2 of one of the closets, so this was a great way to put that wasted space to good use)...

So the reveal wasn't quite like HGTV, Brent didn't burst into tears overwhelmed by the beauty of his new bedroom. But, he was caught off guard and he did like it a lot. I was just happy to have the deadline of his homecoming so I could get the whole thing completely 100% finished with no lingering half finished details.


Angela said...

I LOVE it!!

And I loved S-L-O-W-L-Y scrolling down so I could savor each Before picture and then get so excited to finally, SLOWLY, scroll down to the AFTER!! It was a fun game!

You're amazing what you can accomplish in a week! Everything looks so fresh and uncluttered! We've done a little update in our basement (all in the name of a new TV) and now it's time for me to rethink what pictures I hang back up and which ones go in scrapbooks!

Thanks for the inspiration!

Melissa Walker said...

Wow--it looks great! I am so impressed that you did it all by yourself. I am a horrible painter and it intimidates me--next time I feel the urge to change a room, I will call you and have you come do it for me!

matt, bekah, jax said...

lOVE! Wow you are talented. I would love the instructions on the necklace board - brilliant! Love the colors, the bedding, pillows, etc. The placement of furniture is genius - makes your room look so much bigger.

Sherry said...

Michelle - very fun changes! I am sure you are loving your "new" room! It looks gorgeous!

Erin said...

I'm so impressed, Meesh! I love the nice shade of light blue and the black pillows look awesome! Was this the week after girls' trip? I remember you checking out some cute necklace hanging ideas on the trip! You are so clever and you are inspiring me.

I know the remnants of forest green and burgundy all too well since everything I registered for back in '96 were those colors.

Very cool!