Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Sweet Signs of Summer

The ice cream truck made its first visit to the neighborhood today. The kids all lined up, fists full of cash, anxious to make their first selection of the season. All was sweet and magical until Isaac's cotton candy ice cream bar froze to his tongue. At first I thought he was being a typical silly 8-year-old boy, pretending his ice cream was stuck. Then as tears began to stream down his face I realized the bar really was stuck and he was in serious pain. We tried pouring regular water on it to no avail. Two cups of warm water later his tongue was finally free. Ouch! Thanks to my friend, Jenny, who in the moment of crisis noticed my camera dangling around my neck and urged me to snap a quick picture. Priceless.

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Bekah Nugent said...

He is getting so old. The pictures show how much he's growing up. I miss you guys.