Monday, May 17, 2010

Deep Thoughts

Two funny conversations from last week. They aren't as funny on paper, but they made me giggle enough to stop and write them down.

This one came out of no where as we were driving down the road:
E: Womens they like have really long hair. They should get it cut like every day. Rockstars, they like theirs growing down.

This conversation ensued as Ethan was trying to negotiate a brownie appetizer to lunch:
E: Mom, we should eat sweets first.
Me: Really, why's that?
E: Because if you eat healthy stuff first and sweets last then it won't be healthy for your teeth.

He was making the argument that leaving sweets to sit on your teeth was bad. So, if you ate your veggies last they'd wash away the sweets leaving a healthy veggie residue behind virtually eliminating the effects of the sweets eaten first. Nice try buddy. Nevertheless, he had to eat lunch before the brownie (no fun, I know!).

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Sheree said...

I love it when they tell you what they are thinking about. It is always so entertaining. What a cutie!