Friday, December 25, 2009

Morgan's Beam & Floor Routines - 12/19/2009

Morgan's gymnastics season got off to a rough start this year. First, she fell on the bars and cut her lip (tooth through upper chin) so she took two days off practice. The next week she was elbowed in the wave pool at Six Flags and broke her nose so she couldn't go upside down for a few days. Then, we went on vacation for two weeks. When we came back from vacation, the gym was closed for their annual week long summer break. So, after being off for about four weeks in July/August Morgan couldn't wait to get herself back in the gym. About halfway through her first practice she had a big rebound and stumbled backward right off the cushy floor. When she reached out her hand to save herself her hand hit the concrete and her wrist broke. That meant a hard cast and four more weeks of no bars and no tumbling. After eight weeks of hiatus, Morgan was finally able to start training again around the first of October. She worked super hard and was barely able to get all her Level 6 skills just in time for the first meet. After this meet she moved up to Level 7 so she had just two months to learn all of her new skills before the first meet. She was so excited to finally get her beam routine down just in time for the meet on 12/19. She did awesome and we were so proud of her. We also just love her cute floor routine this year. We think her coach, Angi Rawles, did a great job with the choreography.


Angela said...

What a darling routine!! Morgan makes a round-off back layout look easy! Way to go!!

We're all sitting around watching the video -- Mom, Marge, Sheree, Courtney (Bekah's going to watch it from Matt's parents...we'll see if she comments or not! :-)

The Carters said...

Scared of you Morgan! You are amazing!

MANAL said...

I heard your mom in the backround! My mom does the same exact thing when i preform my routines. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!