Saturday, December 19, 2009


Ethan and Isaac were outside playing in the snow this morning. Brent was watching them outside the window giving Morgan and I the play-by-play:

Ethan makes snowball with the snowball maker tool
Ethan throws snowball at Isaac and misses
Isaac throws snowball at Ethan and hits him in the face
Ethan cries, and hits Isaac with the snowball making tool
Isaac falls down
Ethan continues to hit Isaac with snowball making tool
Isaac gets up
Isaac throws another snowball at Ethan's face
Ethan cries again
Ethan again charges Isaac with snowball making tool
Isaac takes tool
Isaac helps Ethan make a snowball
Isaac stands still and lets Ethan hit him in the face with a snowball

They seemed to be having a great time. Apparently this is how brothers have fun together.

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Angela said...

That is one sweet big brother! I didn't expect it to end like that and I just want to give Isaac a big squeeze for being so dang cute and for not whacking Ethan which is probably what I did to you when I was that age!