Sunday, September 6, 2009

Utah with the Pauls, August 1-15, 2009

A nasty flu bug and a precious premie newborn kept us from spending as much time as we'd like with Rich & Ash and our Paul cousins this year. But as always we had just enough time together to really remind us that we don't have enough time together (does that make sense). Back in 1993-1997 we spent most weekend nights hanging out together as two newlywed couples. During those years we each bought, renovated, and decorated our first homes, we bought a boat together, and Rich and Ash had their first two babies. We moved away in 1997 promising to be gone for only a few years but here we are 12 years later and thousands of miles away. It was hard to say goodbye knowing that little baby Bella will already be walking and talking by the time we see her next summer--how much we miss living far away! I think I need to figure out how to Skype.

Morgan, Lexi, Jake, Ethan & Isaac (Josh is missing):

Welcome sweet Baby Bella:

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