Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rock On!

My surprise Father's Day gift has been a hit! We've had to ban a few inappropriate songs from the tender ears of our young kids, but overall we are logging many (maybe too many) fun-filled hours rocking out together as a family. Morgan is great on the guitar and loves to stay on "easy" mode so she can get 100%. Isaac is the drummer--he sticks with them even though a lot of his friends avoid the drums saying they are too hard. Brent and I trade off playing anything that's available. Ethan surprisingly isn't interested in playing, but doesn't seem to mind when everyone else is. Last night Brent played with both Morgan and Isaac, then at about 11pm after everyone (including myself) was asleep he fired it up again for a few songs before bed. Rock on!

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Becky said...

Rock on! We were up playing until 1 AM last night. I can only dream of a day when we can rock out together!