Thursday, July 2, 2009

Loving the Lake

We've been spending a lot of time at Lake Michigan this summer. The kids love playing on the beach and swimming in the calm fresh water and I love how peaceful it is. The best part is it's just a quick 20 minutes from home. Can't beat that!


Angela said...

I think Isaac looks EXACTLY like you as a child in the bottom photo with him on your lap!! Everyone is so cute!! We got Dan a second guitar for our Guitar Hero/World Tour for Father's Day. BIG HIT!! Everyone was jamming, yelling, "MOM, come join us!" while I was frantically trying to get everyone packed for New Mexico for our flight that was in an hour! We'll have to try again this weekend!

Melissa Walker said...

I love Isaac's face! Such a cute family picture!

Sheree said...

I love Morgan's haircut! I guess I haven't seen pictures in awhile. That lake looks like a lo of fun.