Friday, May 1, 2009

My Quirky Family

We all have quirks, I'll refrain from admitting mine, but here are a few I wanted to document about the rest of the family. Their quirks are ever changing, and my memory is ever worsening, so I have to get this all down before it's gone. Sadly Miss Morgan will be all grown up before too long and we'll laugh that she was at one time adverse to showers and grooming. I imagine it won't be long before we are begging her to spend less time in the shower and bathroom.

MUST wear his undies backwards (he likes the "pocket" in back)
MUST eat with a kid-sized fork/spoon
MUST have his place at the table set with a specific blue checkered napkin as the placemat (make sure it isn't the identical looking napkin with fringe, or as he calls it, "feathers", or he'll reject it)
MUST sit on the end of the bar (WILL NOT sit in the middle seat)
MUST lay in his special spot on the couch (WILL kick out anyone else who dares to sit there when he's ready to lay down)
MUST have his bed pillow and couch pillow propped at just the right angle
FOND of Caillou (who sometimes makes visits to our house in his invisible/imaginary form)
FOND of Tickey Bear (who he's taken to school for show-and-tell all but one of his turns this year)
FOND of sleeping (he's so high energy during the day that he's worn out and easy to put to bed at night)
FOND of hanging with the big-kids in the neighborhood
FOND of showing off his 2-wheeler riding skills
FOND of death defying stunts (yet he's a scardy cat when it comes to dark rooms or slightly scary movies)
FOND of ignoring mom and doing his own thing
ADVERSE to cleaning (although he's reluctant he's actually a good helper once he stops complaining and gets to work)

SKEPTICAL of all food (even when we try to remind him that he's had it before and liked it)
ADVERSE to gel in his hair (but mom usually wins on this one)
ADVERSE to tucking in his shirt at church (but what 7-yr old isn't?)
ADVERSE to waking up in the morning (he can sleep and sleep if we let him--but thankfully he's good natured enough that he isn't too hard to wrestle out of bed)
FOND of building with Legos, experiments, riding bikes and scooters over his ramp
FOND of neatness and tidyness (he's great at organizing)
PROUD of his ability to read simple chapter books
PROUD of his bravery on big rides at Six Flags (he stuffed his shoes with extra layers last summer so he'd be tall enough to ride)

ADVERSE to showering and grooming in general
FRUSTRATED by cavities or any tooth related issue
FOND of her turtle Kimmy, violin, soccer, gymnastics, her teacher, SCHOOL!
FOND of roller coasters
PROUD of out-lasting every boy in her class during the endurance/fitness test in gym class (she did more sit-ups, more push-ups, more sprints across the gym, and other such stuff...and she beat all the boys but one in the mile run)
PROUD of straight As on her report card

FOND of running, camping and roller coasters
FOND of cool wheels on cars (I don't have enough testosterone to understand this one)
ADVERSE to student loans and and the dentist
ADVERSE to many of my music choices
FOND of me...which makes him quirky :-)


Becky said...

You forgot someone..


DAY said...

What a fun post...thanks for sharing, although, it would be better reading material to rat yourself out :) Our flooring nightmare is almost over *fingers crossed* and then I can relax a little. It was great to see you again...definitely got to meet the new babe when he/she is born. Down to 3 1/2 weeks!