Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The great thing about having a birthday and Mother's Day so close to one another is I get a whole week of love. This year's celebration started off with hand painted flower pots from the kids (project director Brent), the kids even picked their own flowers to fill the pots. Very cute.

The sweet Mother's Day letters are always the best for making one feel loved. Some of my favorite parts from the kid's letters were, Isaac: "I know my mom cares because she 'kisis' me to bed". Ah, he is a little guy who truly loves to be tucked, sung to, and kissed each night. He also noted, "My mom is smart because she 'nose' how to 'mace' 'benana' bread". Morgan made a diagram of things she thought made me a good mom, among other things were listed, "knows how to do a backflip, has good handwriting". I'm especially relishing, "knows when to give consequences, fun 2B around, and dresses well"...I assume it won't be long before she changes her mind on these few.

For my birthday the kids and Brent made a carrot cake with raisins on top, just like the cakes from my youth. They celebrated without me while I was in Palm Springs soaking up the sun with a few of my best girlfriends. Couldn't ask for a better week!

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Melissa Walker said...

Happy Mother's Day and Happy Birthday! Brent looked like he was doing a great job with the kids while you were gone! Hope you had a nice, relaxing time!