Thursday, February 12, 2009

What's up with us

Okay, okay. Thanks Angela for the friendly chide to update my blog. I suppose having Christmas music on my blog in February is a bit like still having Christmas wreaths on my front door. No offense to any of you who may be slow to take down your decor, but it is one of my pet peeves. Thank goodness Brent spearheads the Christmas decor removal for our family...sometimes a little earlier than I'd like (he's OCD when it comes to getting the "mess" put away). This year we felt a little bah-humbug when the neighborhod was still alight with shimmering Christmas lights but ours were already taken down and put away on December 28th. Brent was anxious to take them down on the 26th, but we comprimised that he'd have to wait through the weekend. Next year I think I'll insist that they stay up through New Years. However, I do see his point, you never know when the roof will freeze and sometimes that means the lights could be stuck on the house till February, and that would just drive him (and me) insane. So, I accomodate and even kind of appreciate his OCD in this department. I just have to set ground rules so it doesn't get too out of hand.

It is Gymnastics season, so we are filling our weekends sitting in bleachers for hours on end while the boys find a corner to play DS and Leapster with all the other gymnast's brothers. Miss Morgan is doing great as a Level 5 gymnast. She qualified for the state meet which is in April. This weekend we are heading to St Louis for a meet.

On our way to St Louis (about 6 hours from home), we are making a stop in Springfield to visit the Abraham Lincoln museum there--in honor of our other great Illinois president's birthday which just so happens to be today! What a romantic Valentines it will be at the Courtyard Marriot in St Louis with the kids in the bed next to us--I'll make sure to stop at Victoria's Secret before I pack-up the car :-).

I felt like I was living back in the lovely Bay Area this week while we enjoyed a few days of temps in the 60s!!!! It was as good as a vacation. The kids were riding bikes, we went running outside, it was heavenly. It's cold again now, but the dirty old snow is melted, the grass is finally visible again, and I feel like I can hunker down and survive a few more weeks of cold.

I joined Morgan's class on a field trip to the Forest Preserve on the warmest day this week. We were originally scheduled for a few weeks ago when it was so cold that school was cancelled. So, we really hit the jackpot when our new date just happened to have record breaking highs. It was a beautiful day to spend outdoor in nature...even if our task was to cut down buckthorn and hunt for scat (i.e. deer poop).

I'm off to pick-up Ethan from school...I'm sure I'll update again in a few months :-) ...or maybe sooner?

I love this little video clip of Brent and Isaac killing time at the end of a gymnastics father like son!

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Angela said...

I had to laugh because our lights are still up AND ON because they're hooked to the heat tape that needs to be on to melt the snow on the roof/rain gutters. Does he empty the vacuum bag on Dec. 28th too so that every time you vacuum the house doesn't smell like old pine needles? That video was the best!