Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Little Catching Up To Do

It seems like May is always the busiest month of the year (next to December). I went to the zoo with Isaac's class and the art museum with Morgan's class. Also, this year another mom and I put together the memory books for Isaac's kindergarten class. We kept up on it pretty well during the year, but of course had to scramble to get them all wrapped-up for the "Kindergarten Celebration Show" which was yesterday. School is out on the end is near. Can't wait!
Here's a quick little catch-up...we finished off Morgan's soccer season. Her team (co-coached by Brent) did great. They were undefeated going into their last game. Just so happens the last game was against the other team from Morgan's school who was also undefeated. There was definitely a spirit of rivalry in the air. The other team was known to be a powerhouse. And, as it turns out they were about 2x the size of our team. In the end Morgan's team was scoreless. Morgan has a very competitive side to her (...Brent?) and took the loss very hard. After a long nap she was back to herself again.

Isaac joined the cub scouts at school. He marched in the Memorial Day parade in our town, put flags on graves at the cemetery, and went to a camp out at the forest preserve. He came home with a tick and some VERY dirty feet but overall is pretty jazzed to wear a cub scout uniform. Ethan is extremely frustrated that he can't be a Cub Scout yet. He's shed a few tears over this fact--which only makes Isaac more proud of his grown-up stats as a Tiger Scout :-).

Ethan finished up his first year of "preschool" (one morning a week). His teachers made him a darling scrapbook and he loves to look through it over and over again. He asked me this morning if he was married. I said no, and he seemed relieved. I told him he wouldn't get married until he was an adult. He seemed panicked, "No, I don't want to get married". I'm not sure what has brought on this fear of commitment :-). Since then he's been asking all his friends if they are married.

Brent's been busier than ever with work. He took a new job 2-months ago as the Director of Marketing at a medical device company. The workload has been intense and we've seen less and less of him but strangely he's loving it.

Oh, and my exciting news is that I have a new baby...a digital SLR camera Brent bought me for my birthday. Thanks Brent! (and thanks President Bush whose generous check came just in time for my birthday and mother's day...what great timing)! I haven't figured out all the settings, but I'm having fun with the killer 200x zoom lens.


We're Wingin It said...

I was just thinking those soccer pictures were awesome!

Hooray for a new camera!

And Miles is in this fear of growing up stage too, maybe it is some developmental thing?

Angela said...

GREAT pictures!!

Did I tell you about Marty's big baseball rivalry game when he was 9? Same story -- going for first place and it was against the other team from our school. Game day was his birthday. We lost in a controversial play and he was devastated. Dad (Grandpa) brought a huge cake and we all sang happy birthday while Marty sobbed.

Well, if Ethan doesn't want to grow up he can start using Pull-Ups again like Nicholas. Hang on to that habit forever and they're probably guaranteed they won't get married!

Amber said...

I had thought you must have gotten the camera you wanted from the looks of the pictures. I am loving my new camera too. The little point and shoot cameras just can't compare to the SLRs. Glad you got what you wanted. Too bad we don't live closer and we could take a class together and figure out how to use all the bells an whistles.