Thursday, February 21, 2008

What Time Is It? Party Time!

Morgan's 9th Birthday Party was a hit. She chose a High School Musical theme and said it was her favorite birthday ever (sorry Bekah, the Harry Potter party you planned has been relegated to 2nd place). This shouldn't have been a surprise, because Morgan planned the whole thing herself. She handed me her guest list and activities list a few weeks back and wah-la the planning was complete. All I had to do was take her shopping to buy the decorations and favors. Morgan even kept track of the time and told everyone when it was time to change activities. Morgan has a great group of friends. We are so lucky to be surrounded by great kids with wonderful parents and families.

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lissiemarie said...

hate to admit it but I have never seen Highschool! I am inspired to see it now. When I find some time I just might do that! I'll admit I'm way out of touch.