Thursday, February 21, 2008

Phabulous Phoenix

We just returned from a fabulous vacation to Phoenix and SoCal. I believe it should be mandated that all Chicagoans make a pilgrimage to a warm destination in mid-February. It was heavenly to waltz around town in capris and light fleece jackets for the week. A wonderful respite from the boots, snowpants, coats, gloves and hats that we doned again today upon our return to the tundra of the midwest.

While in Phoenix we visited the kid's favorite aunt and uncle, Bekah & Matt (sorry to the other aunts and uncles who may be reading this...if you lived by us for four years you could possibly de-throne Bekah & Matt, but it would be a tough competition). Their new house in Phoenix is beautiful, and the kids fell in love all over again with their cousin baby Jax.

Morgan had a gymnastics meet (thus the impetus for the Phoenix vacation) where she took 3rd place in vault. My dad surprised us by flying into Phoenix for the day to see Morgan compete.

True to form, Ethan couldn't stand to keep himself away from danger. While wading in Matt & Bekah's pool he got a little overconfident, stepped off the bottom step and required a rescue. He did a pretty good job of keeping his mouth above the water while I fished him out. Thankfully I was right there watching and he was fine, just a little scared.

Bekah was a wonderful tour guide around Phoenix. We visited the very cool Phoenix Zoo, a fun train park in Scottsdale, and did some hiking on the beautiful desert trails. I also got to go to breakfast and catch-up with my old friend, Janice, who I used to work with back in my Franklin Covey days.

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