Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day to Me

Brent had to jet off to Europe on Saturday night for work, but never fear the boys took over with breakfast in bed. This was their first ever attempt at pancakes (from scratch no less). They made me a beautiful perfect pancake. It tasted great too (even despite the lack of butter or syrup :-). Brent did a good job of letting his friends know I'd be home alone. I think maybe he offered to pay them or something because three different nice friends invited the kids and I over for dinner. We ended up at our friends, the Walker's, home (thanks Melissa, Paul & Uncle Troy). I'm a lucky mom. So grateful for my job with this great crew.

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melissa walker said...

Wow--Nice work on the pancakes boys! We love spending mother's day, father's day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve with you guys--we're pretty much family when we've spent all these holidays together, right?!