Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our New Home

Our cozy little home sold in just a little over a month and the buyers need us out by June 14th. So, we are offically moving on. It's bettersweet. Exciting to look forward to a little more space and a huge DIY project, but sad to say goodbye to the nicest neighbors and friends anyone could ever ask for. We've been blessed to be surrounded by a pack of sweet, creative, smart, fun kids, amazing parents, great families--and wonderful friends. My neighbors have helped me raise my kids. My kids have grown-up with the comfort of knowing there are five back-up moms and five second homes they can pop into for anything they might need (snacks, band-aids, snacks, phone, snacks, potty, snacks...).We have an inspection scheduled for the new house on Tuesday. If all goes well we'll move-in sometime around mid-July. The new house needs a lot of love. We have some fun ideas but it will take time to get it where we'd like it. It will be a work in progress for awhile.


melissa walker said...

I'm sure your neighbors will miss you too! But, it will be a fun, new and exciting chapter for your family and at least you're not too far away!

DAY said...

Well the outside is beautiful! And after seeing what you guys did with your (soon to be old house,) I'm sure you will make the new one beautiful! Congratulations and best wishes for a fun new change!