Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's Become Comical

I'm not usually one to dwell on the occasional lemons in life, and I especially don't care to keep an ongoing chronicle of such things. But, recently we've had such an onslaught of broken stuff, it really has become downright comical. Forgive me as I make a list of the things that have broken in the past ten days:
  1. My Car - $1500 repair to pass emissions, ouch! ...and it still needs brakes.
  2. DVR - Just quit recording, total hard drive failure. New one arrives tomorrow.
  3. Telephone - After 1-1/2 hours with tech support we have dial tone again.
  4. Treadmill - Mat started jerking. New $140 part on its way--let's hope it works.
  5. Garbage Disposer - It's making weird noises and frequently needs to be reset.
  6. Dryer - Sensor isn't working--dried one load all night long.

Brent's just happy that his finicky lights above the kitchen island are working well!

Thankfully our bodies are healthy and for that we are very grateful!


Angela said...

It always seems like when it rains it pours! Ms. Pac Man went dead just before Thanksgiving. Fortunately the game people make house calls! Up and going today after a $175 bill. Just thinking of it as a very important appliance that we can't live without!

Melissa Walker said...

I know how you feel. It's like everything decides to go at the same time (and Christmas season no less!)